Saturday, 12 January 2013

Review of 2012

Welcome to my review of 2012.  As you can see, I've had quite a productive year, not just in quantity but I have developed as a modeller, especially in my AFV modelling.  I am learning all the time and fusing the traditional AFV techniques and adapting them to aircraft has been difficult but I think it's been successful although I have some way to go yet.

Anyway, enough waffle, on with the models.

Tamiya P-47D Razorback 1:72

I threw everything I could at this model.  All the Eduard photo etch sets, all the Quickboost sets, Barracudecal decals and did a full rivet job.  I'm really proud of this model and it's one of my favourites.

Dragon Sherman 105 1:72

Sticking with 1:72 and this is the Dragon Sherman.  This was my first foray into the small scale for AFVs which had it's own challenges, a really deft touch is required.

Hasegawa Fw 190D-9 1:32

Something a bit bigger now and Hasegawa's lovely Fw 190D-9.  I've always wanted to make this kit and was pleased how it turned out.  It's not had a riveting job which is unusual but it did get an MDC cockpit.

Great Wall Hobby P-61 Black Widow 1:48

The challenge with this model was the black paint job but using all the techniques in my repetoire I think I pulled it off.  This was the original uncorrected boxing built for SAM magazine and "The Airbrush Company" as a demonstrator (The Airbrush Company are the importer for GWH).

Dragon StuG IIIG 1:35

This was another very involved project as I threw the very comprehensive Voyager photo etch set at it.  It's also got Fruil tracks which are time consuming but well worth it.  The time spent on these was offset by the time saved by using Quick Wheel masks, a brilliant invention.

Airfix Swordfish 1:72

What a beautiful kit.  If you haven't got one I highly recommend it, this was a close contender for my kit of the year.  She's done in the colours of my old Lynx squadron 815 during the Battle of Taranto.  A victory we celebrate each year (as opposed to the RAF celebrating their draw in the Battle of Britain!).

Hasegawa P-40E 1:32

Hasegawa's P-40s are some of my favourite kits.  This had a load of photo etch and rivets added.

Eduard Bf 109E-1 1:48

Another close contender for kit of the year.  This one was done out of the box for SAM magazine.

Tamiya JS-2 1:35

Back to the heavy metal now and Tamiya's superb JS-2 with Aber photo etch and barrel, Mig Productions resin fuel tanks and bed spring armour.  This was my first go at figure painting so go easy!  I also placed it on a Miniart vacform vignette.

Monogram B-17G 1:48

I hadn't made this kit since I was a teenager, it was very crude but nostalgic.  This had a complete True Details resin interior, Eduard photo etch, Quickboost engines and the Verlinden detail set thrown at it.  A very involved project indeed.

Airfix Lynx HMA. 8 "Evelyn" 1:48

I've been waiting for this kit for a long time.  You all probably know the story behind it so I shan't bang on agaon but just in case I haven't bleated enough, this is the aircraft I flew in HMS Somerset in 2009 and to say that Airfix including my aircraft as a decal option made me thrilled is a bit of an understatement!

Tamiya Gekko 1:48

This isn't strictly a 2012 model as I built it some years ago.  It was rubbish so it was stripped  seams tidies and rivets applied.  I then used it as a test piece for testing techniques to create an abandoned aircraft.  I think it turned out OK and this was the basis for the P-40 model.

Eduard Bf 110E 1:72

A close run thing this but this kit is my runner up for kit of the year.  It's simply beautiful.  I built 5 in a row, the last having all the available (at the time) resin accessories (plus rivets of course).

Tasca Sherman Firefly IC

When I started armour modelling a couple of years ago I asked the members of Missing-Lynx what is the 1 kit I should make.  Pretty much all of them stated a Tasca Sherman and this year I did just that.  There's not much to say other than they were right!

OK, that's the lot.  Quite a lot in fact!ORD TO Putte in Belgium.  There's only one word to Putte in Belgium.  There's only one word to Putte in Belgium.  There's only one word to Putte in Belgium.  There's only one word to describe this "superb"!  I can't thank Fred, Yves, Jan and everybody else for their generosity and hospitality, I can't wait to catch up with you all again.  

I've done quite well in competitions this years as well, I won't list them as that smacks of ego etc but I shan't be entering Telford this year as I shan't be going.  I don't get many "weekends" off having 4 kids so I'm saving myself for Euromilitaire.  The competition has a much higher reputation than Telford, certainly among the figure and armour modellers and this is where I shall focus my efforts.  Not that I'm building for competitions or anything "in the style of", it's just I want to enter this one and if I get anything I'll be both surprised and chuffed.

Anyway, just one last picture and it's of the P-40 vignette.  Some animals (sheep and seagulls) arrived from a model railway place the other day so they've been added  My first 2013 model is (finally) complete.

Talking of 2013, I've made a resolution.  I will not buy or accept review models this year.  I'll be selling a few kits but I really want to drive down the stash this year, I hate having a stash with anything more than 2 or 3 models in it but it's grown to over 50!  That's 2 and a half years worth so even though there are some very cool kits coming out (Hobby Boss P-61 1:32, Trumpeter P-40 1:32, Revell Lynx HAS. 3 1:32, Eduard Spitfire IX 1:48 and Bf 109G-6 1:48 to name a few) I'm going to be strong!

So, until next time take care and Happy New Year.


  1. Hi Jamie, you've had a productive year on the modelling side. Will need to have a closer look at the B-17 you've built. Got the Monogram one myself and have been wondering whether to do it OOB or detail it up.

  2. a look at Euromilitaire 2012 on my blog

    to be honest competition entries were well down on previous years and the room looked a little sparse...

  3. You indeed had a great year. Looking forward to your next creations. I think my fav for this year is the P-40. Simply fantastic.

    If you take requests for consideration (like you have time to indulge) perhaps something from Wingnut Wings. Or go way outside your comfort zone and do something sci-fi. It would be very interesting to see how you apply your weathering skills to sci-fi.