Saturday, 10 March 2012

March 2012, Eduard's new 48th Bf 109E-1 and completed projects review

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog.  They say in the Navy, "never start a brief with an apology" however I'm going to break that golden rule and apologise for leaving it so long since my last update.  However I must thank you all for your support, we're up to 50 subscribers now which is great.

I'm going to start with Eduard's new tool Bf 109E-1.  Now I, like a great many modellers, love the Messerschmitt 109 so when Eduard announced their new tool of the Emil I was rather looking forward to it.  This project is a review for Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine however here's a sneak preview about what you can expect.

This model is essentially the 1:32 scale kit scaled down and where necessary tweaked to improve it still further.  What struck me when I opened the box was the fine surface detail, the rivets are beautifully rendered as are the panel lines.  The detail is great and for those wishing to expose the engine you may do however I'll be waiting for the Brassin set so this one as you can see is all buttoned up.

So far, I love this kit and it's certainly an early contender for kit of 2012.

OK, that's the present, here's the past and some of the kits I've completed since my last blog update.

First off the Great Wall hobby P-61A in 1:48.  This is another great kit although not without it's flaws, narrow cowling openings, clunky prop design and steps with the canopy fit.  However all these can be easily solved with either after market sets or old fashioned modelling techniques.  This model will be in April's SAM magazine where I do a tutorial on painting and weathering a black finish.

Next up is Airfix's lovely little new tool Swordfish.  I painted this one in honour of those from my old Lynx squadron, 815 NAS, who took part in the Taranto raid in November 1940.  It's straight from the box however I used the recently released Xtradecal sheet.  This model is yet another review for SAM magazine.

Another model and this time shock horror it's not for SAM but this is just for me.  It's Hasegawa's P-40E in 1:32 painted in RNZAF colours.  There's no decals on this one, all the markings were sprayed using Ad Astra custom masks.  I can't recommend these highly enough, they are fantastic value and quality and I'll be using them more that's for sure.  I've done a number of these kits in 1:48 but never in my preferred scale of 1:32 and I have to say it's a stunning kit.  Luckily I've got another one in my meager stash, this will be done in 112sqn colours.

Lastly is a model I am rather proud of, it's Trumpeter's T-34/76 in 1:16.  It's a massive model and really imposing on the shelf.  I did this one for Geoff Coughlin's Scale Modelling Now internet magazine, he's got hold of it and will be taking it to various shows around the country so pop over, have a look at the model and have a look at the magazine.  I've done 5 short videos with this model on the various weathering techniques which are in Geoff's magazine.

Ok, that's it for this update.  I've got e few projects which hopefully will be on the go or near to completion for the next update.  The 109 will be finished by then and I hope to start another armour project next which will be fun.  Before I go I've got a shameless plug, I'll be attending the BSMC model show in Belgium in December, doing a few demos to earn my keep.  I know it's a long way off but I'm really looking forward to this show and meeting new people and hopefully friends.  Cheers,