Monday, 23 June 2014


Blimey O'Reilly!  My paragraph the other day certainly caused a minor ripple in the fabric of space time that is on line modelling opinion!  I wasn't going to say anything more, yes I have an ego which goes with the job; I don't feel I "won the argument" or anything like that, I'm not that petty but I did want to say a few things before putting things to bed.  To put things in context, one known douchebag was intent on voicing his opinion which is all very well, however I think it's important to get your facts right first. To begin with, don't call me a coward accusing me of hiding behind my blog when I clearly posted a link to it where everyone can see it.  Secondly, anyone is free to post their opinion in the comments section at the bottom so again, you can voice your opinion there too.  Thirdly, you can always email me, I always fill in the email box.  Lastly I think it's a little hypocritical spouting anonymity when you hide behind a self appointed internet handle and don't post your real name!  I get the impression you are so far up the other bloke's arse all we can see is your toenails!

The Eduard 109 thing got out of hand and many guys went completely over the top.  This is fact.  It's not my opinion, it really happened.  Fact.  Some people thought I was having a downer on the kit.  How they came to that conclusion reading the blog I don't know.  For the record, I have the kit, I think it's great and having waded through all the bollocks (thanks to Spencer, the voice of reason swimming amongst the turds in the stream) I'll be lopping off 2mm off each wing tip.  That's all.  For me that's enough, for some they won't even do that, for others it's unbuildable and Vladimr Sulc deserves to be metaphorically burnt at the stake.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion but please, keep things in context, it's only a model aeroplane after all!  If you want it, buy it, if you don't, then don't buy it but please, have a Cadbury's Caramel!  All the bleating buried all the useful gouge.

One guy, intent of fanning the flames started a new thread (why, unless you wanted to be deliberately provocative) saying he'd lost respect for me after my naked ladies comment.  For those who need reminding, I pointed out that people who get all hot and bothered on the internet about little plastic toy aeroplanes and get overcome with emotion are douchebags who have never seen a naked lady in real life and are probably pentagenarians who still live with their mum.  Some people actually thought I was being serious!  Oh chaps, do come on!  Get a sense of humour please, some people need to lighten up.  This same chap stated he would no longer buy MAI because of the comments.  Ok, that's his loss, next month's issue with my B-17 in it is my first in there for over a year, I've been very busy and haven't been very prolific lately but hope to have more in there this year.  So, its his choice but also it's his loss, it's a great magazine and he'll be missing out.  He also un-followed the blog, fair enough, I am a pilot by trade so have a huge ego but collecting followers on a blog, whilst nice, is not the reason I do this so I'll cope.  In fact, I have 8 new followers!

I wouldn't normally type a new blogpost such as this but I thought some people just read what they wanted to read and waded in without thought or understanding.  Me and my friends will continue talking amongst ourselves pointing out twattery where we find it for our own amusement. Some of us have our own public blogs such as this and we may, occasionally comment on said twattery or even douchebaggery.  If you feel you must squinny then fine, but I urge you to read the posts properly first and try and understand the meaning of the musings.  And I remind you, that there is always the comments section and email if you wish to reply.  Thanks to all the nice messages, it seems there are lots of blokes who feel the same.  Thanks also to those who took the time to disagree.

For the record, I really like Hyperscale.  It's very informative and a friendly place.  I have immense respect for Brett and regard him as a friend.  Unfortunately though, as with most places it seems (but not all) it has a few people who sometimes behave like idiots.  Normally, one or two of these guys have some really good information and are very useful however sometimes they say or do something which is out of order, they over step the mark.  One of them though contributes nothing, is spiteful and just behaves like a one eye.  I'm sure some people think I am in this part of the Venn diagram, I do like poking them with a stick sometimes as it's good sport.  Sometimes I get poked, replying is also quite amusing occasionally.  I'm sure a few people think I am a douchebag, again, they are entitled to their opinion and I am fine with that.  Someone brought LSP into it; I never mentioned LSP or referred to it in the blog.  I like LSP, it has a really great membership and douchebaggery is very very rare if it happens at all.

At the end of the day though, this blog was set up to show case my models.  That's it really.  My passion in this hobby is weathering and I will continue painting models and developing my techniques and showing them here as well as in print.  I've got some exciting projects coming up which I'll be sharing on here and I hope you'll like them.  The next post will have models in, honest!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Poking them with a stick

I love internet modelling forums; they educate, inspire and I enjoy contributing but sometimes they make me put my head in my hands and weep at just how some people conduct themselves on them.  I guess its the anonymity of sitting in your bedroom (in the house you still live in with your mum despite being a grown man in your 50's) and never having seen a naked lady in real life that makes these guys unleash complete and utter bollocks!  The Eduard 109 probably generated every modelling cliché going from spurious red lines on dodgy photos (a particular favourite of mine), ill informed rumour spreading, self appointed experts talking nonsense, petty arguments over nothing owing to wounded egos and so on.  Plus it wouldn't be forum twattery without a certain member of Hyperscale with the self appointed nickname alluding to his egotistical and spurious patriarchal role on the board wading in.  I'll say it now; this annoys me so I go on there and purposely poke them with a stick.  It really is great fun and I enjoy a little sabre rattling as one thing I can't stand is grown men arguing over a little plastic model aeroplane.  Gentlemen, it is, and you are pathetic. Take a step back and for once look at the big picture; do this correctly and you WILL see how sad and insignificant this really is.  Oh, and that bloke from Hyperscale, if you are reading this go and learn your Blackadder quotes you bell!

Ok, that rant over (we have a rantometer at work so I'd better chalk one up when I get back in on Monday) its back to the serious thing (if making little plastic aeroplanes and tanks can be serious).  I posted finished pictures of the Hunter last time but some of you eagle eyed guys will have noticed it wasn't quite done!  Oops!  Here are the finished shots (honest governor).  This model will be featured in Model Airplane International magazine in due course.

Actually, while I am talking about MAI, look out for next month's issue (July 2014) as my Monogram B-17 article is due to be published.

Staying with the large scale theme, here is a sneak preview of a model from my new, special, exciting project!  The focus of the project will be obvious to many, its weathering, however as you can see, that bit hasn't been started yet so here she is in her base livery!  You'll also note that I've done some extensive scratch detailing inside, I was going to button her up but there was some interesting internal weathering effects I could showcase and the kit is rather bare in this regard.  I normally don't really enjoy this bit but actually I rather enjoyed this one.

Ok, that's it for now, I'm just off to weep owing to England's lamentable performance in the world cup!  Next time I hope I can show you a sneak preview of the finished Hind along with more modelling observations.  I best check those forums!