Sunday, 7 August 2011

Don't throw away those old models

Last year I moved house and I brought my entire model collection with me.  I had in storage a large number of models, all from between 5 and 10 years ago which although finished to a pleasing level back then I was not happy with for one reason and another.  My skills have come on and my finishing techniques had evolved to a point where these models could no longer justify a place in the display cabinet (there isn't room anyway).  Rather than them clogging up space in the garage never to see the light of day I decided to tart them up, tidy up the construction, apply some rivets and repaint them in order to earn some pocket money on Ebay. I managed many hours of my favourite modelling activity, painting and weathering and so far have made quite a bit of money which has gone into the family pot for holiday spending money (and my Telford fund) so, I'm happy, Missus H is happy and the ankle biters are happy, so is the bloke who has bought all my models so far.  All in all everybody is a winner.

Here are a few of the models, in hindsight I should have taken some before photos as well as after but hey ho.

Hasegawa Ki-61

Hasegawa Bf 109E-4

Tamiya Fw 190A-3

Tamiya Fw 190F-8

Tamiya Beaufighter (Converted to a Mk 1a) 

 I thought I'd just tack onto the end a quick in progress of my latest magazine project, the Revell He 111 in 1:32.  It's a whopper of a kit but I'm having a great time putting it together although I can't wait to start painting this one as it's going to have a rather natty paint finish!  This one will appear in Scale Aircraft Modelling as soon as I can get it done!

I've also had another magazine article published, this time it's Model Airplane International (issue 73 Aug 11) who have run my Hasegawa P-40E 1:48 Big-Ed build.  You may recognise the model!!