Thursday, 26 May 2011

Back after a break

I am now back at the modelling (kitchen) table after a break for quite a few weeks.  Things have been quite hectic with the day job as I was finishing my Qualified Flying Instructor's course, with that all done I've started my new job at Barkston Heath teaching the Royal Navy's next generation of pilots.  I've done quite a few trips now and flying with these guys does concentrate the mind, just when you think they are doing really well and you start to relax a bit they try and kill you!!!  All good fun.

Anyway, on with the modelling.  I've finished the Eduard MiG-21 (see the whole article here:  What a fabulous kit, great fit, lovely detail and the schemes are almost endless.  I went with an Iraqi aircraft as this is the sort of thing we were trained to deal with when I flew the Tornado F3 on operations enforcing the Iraqi no fly zone.

I've also finished another tank, this time the Hobby Boss M26 Pershing.  This was my first 1:35 scale job and my first US tank.  I wanted to achieve a dusty look simulating a vehicle from the summer in Korea.  I'm still getting to grips with AFV modelling and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.  Again the article is on

I've also just finished the Special Hobby P-40F/L combo kit, well, the F version anyway.  Once again this one is for Geoff at SMN and will start in the magazine soon.  It's a nice kit but is a challenge in places being of limited run nature

That's the past, now the present.  I'm doing the Revell Hawk, this time for Jay at SAM magazine.  I suppose I ought to do a Royal Navy aircraft from Naval Flying Standards Flight as I flew them with this unit for my second tour.  However, it's quite hard making a gloss black model look like an aeroplane not a toy so I'm going to go with an air defence grey machine from 19(R) Sqn I flew in flying training.

The future.  I'm doing a couple of things next, the Cyber hobby Bf 109E-4 1:32, a special super detailed project which I'm going to keep a secret and something just for me.  Making models for magazines has great advantages, it pays, you get free kits but it can be a chore sometimes having to stop what you are doing to take photos.  It can really interrupt the flow so I'm going to make a model purely for me.  Sometimes the batteries need charging and for me, just building a kit with no distractions is just the ticket.

Until next time.