Thursday, 16 October 2014


Hi everyone.  I've managed to get the Thunderstreak finished, just in time for the editorial deadline which was a relief as it was a close run thing.  In case you didn't know, this model is in the current issue of Mig Jimenez' Ammo The Weathering Magazine, there is a full 8 page step by step on not only how I finished the model but also the cockpit and drop tank.

Modelling has taken a bit of a back seat unfortunately.  I've just moved house and we are living under a huge pile of boxes at the moment; the house is a magnolia palace so there's an awful lot of decorating to be done not to mention a whole load of DIY!  Added to that I have only 1 more week at Linton flying the Tucano.  She may not be the fastest, or the sexiest but she's fantastic fun and I'm going to miss her dreadfully.  I shan't miss smacking my head on the canopy at low level when it's windy though!  Actually, because the new job is driving a desk I think that I probably will!

Telford is in a few weeks time and I shall be there, along with some of my models of course however this year I shan't be entering the competition.  I have my reasons (just scroll back to previous blog entries around November!) but suffice to say I just fancy not bothering this time.  I've won all the gongs I wanted to now and I'm not much of a pot hunter but I will be judging again.  No doubt I'll get cross when I see some stupid decisions but I guess you'll always get that somewhere in a competition of this size.  I'll be hanging out with Mal Mayfield on his Miracle Masks stand, there you'll see a couple of my models, probably the Thunderstreak and the huge Mi-24!

Right, I'm off to unpack some more boxes and get cracking on some of that Ikea flat pack so until next time, or Telford, happy modelling.


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  1. Hi Jamie

    We're just going through a house move ourselves at the minute. The move should be taking place in the last week of November. All of my modelling stuff is packed away except for my small toolbox so I can work on the Diamond T. Unfortunately, I won't make it to Telford this year, Kyran will be away on a school trip for the weekend so we will use that time to pack some more of his stuff away for the move.

    I think we'll be popping into Ikea once we're in the new house (they do a nice glass cabinet), so my modelling will be on hold for a few weeks whilst we settle in. One plus though, I can move my modelling room from the converted loft into a proper room......