Sunday, 14 July 2013

Rubber tyres and rotting MiGs

Well hello, and welcome back.  Although of been flying my nuts off at work, I've still had time to finish the MiG-21 from Trumpeter, but more on that in a mo.

I was reading a few back issues of various modelling magazines and there seemed to be a common theme, the general hatred of rubber tyres in kits.  I absolutely love them, is it just me?  For my money, nothing looks more like rubber than, well, rubber.  All I do is take a sanding sponge (one of the MasterCaster's range would be ideal) and scrub them.  It imparts a well worn finish which looks highly realistic, paint and pigments can be applied quite easily.  Taking a sharp scalpel, a "flat" can be sliced off the bottom to simulate weight.  And what's all this about them cracking and disintegrating after a few years.  I've never actually seen this happen, I have a Hasegawa Phantom (RN of course) I built in 1998 with rubber tyres and guess what, they are not brittle, there are no cracks and are not crumbling.  I think it's an urban myth and I really don't understand how some people can be so vitriolic in their condemnation of them.  Dare I say it's another stick to beat Trumpeter and Hobby Boss with?  So, thumbs up for rubber tyres, I wish more companies would do them.

And another thing.  Why are helicopters accepted on Missing-Lynx forums?  I put up a genuine question for discussion and got the expected sarcastic and gruff replies.  Why do these people think I have an ulterior motive and have to be so aggressive; I honestly haven't, it was a general enquiry and hopefully have a grown up debate.  I guess I am still a bit naive that all these sad tossers who have never seen a girl naked in real life have nothing better to do than sit on a modelling forum trying to strut about.  Losers.

Anyway, now I have that off my chest, back to the modelling.  This is Trumpeter's MiG-21F-13 in 1:48 and its been built straight from the box, that's right, no PE, resin or owt.  A bit of a departure for me, especially as this would be a great excuse to use some of Mike Grant's excellent rivet decals.  I tested some but they were a bit too big for what I had in mind.  However Mike, rest assured they'll be used on the Flogger when I do that one.  What I did use were Mal Mayfields excellent masks for the markings, top job mate and cheers.  If you haven't used them yet then I seriously recommend you give them a go.  And by the way, I sent him the wrong dimensions for the nose numerals, he just produced what I asked!

I'll only be putting up a few pictures here as David Parker will be publishing this in AIR Modeller magazine soon, however until then, here's some taster photos.

 Courtesy of

As ever, there are aspects of the model which I am not happy with but its great, as learning has taken place and I can take this into my next project.  I had thought of asking whether or not this would be appropriate for a post on Missing-Lynx.  I asked the question and funny old thing some people just can't help themselves and come out all feisty and aggressive dick heads.  I actually feel a bit of a chump for getting dragged in to a sad pointless conversation with an internet twerp.  It was an honest question posed in what I think was a grown up way.  Honestly, you'd have thought I'd just knocked up his daughter the way he went on!

Anyway, in my next blog I hope to have some serious progress on the 88.  Unfortunately, I'm off to Valley for a student course nav detachment so there'll be nothing done for a week or so but when I get back it'll be on with the glass then out with the paint!  So until then, keep calm on those forums and have fun on the bench!



  1. Hi Jamie, the MiG looks fantastic! As regards vinyl tyres I HAVE had experience of them splitting in the past and have always been wary of them since, plus I always seem to have a bastard of a job cleaning the mould seams off them too :o)
    As regards Missing Lynx and the responses you got...nuff sed. It's the same on ANY forum these days and I tend not to bother with posting anything on them these days, I just put them on my blog instead.
    Have fun at Valley :o)

  2. I have to agree with you about missing lynx , but that's why we have blogs to "strut " our stuff. Awesome work once again , I don't do wingy things but enjoy the finish on this piece . Keep up the outstanding work.


  3. These days, if you post something that's contrary to the "prevailing wisdom" you're a troll. Way back in the nineties on usenet, we knew what trolling was--you post something dumb and see how many chumps buy into it. It was, uh, harmless fun. The idea was never to start a fight, but to sucker people into supporting a foolish proposition. Now, you disagree with the forum admin or tell the "majority" that they're wrong, they play the "troll" card on you. It's stupid. It's one-size-fits-all think. You keep right on pushing the forum envelope. Word of warning--they are ban happy over at Britmodeller so be advised.

  4. Tyres were new and have only driven from Brisbane to Newcastle so have only done 800km and are basically new. Have bought from here- Cheap Tyres in Sydney

  5. I love that MiG! What I wouldn't give to have one THAT good in my display case. You really nailed it on this one!