Saturday, 19 May 2012

Latest projects finished; May 2012.

I'm sitting here, willing on Chelsea (just kicking off the second half of extra time) to win the Champions legue and trying to update the blog at the same time.  I'm by no means a Chelsea fan (Liverpool actually) but it would be good to see and English team win again (I suspect there are some Spurs fans who disagree).

Anyway, on to the modelling and I've finished 2 projects.  The first up is Monogram's iconic B-17G in 1:48.  This model is destined for Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine (SAM) so you'll have to wait for the article to get all the details however here's the list of extras used.

True Details resin cockpit
True Details resin nose section
Quickboost engines
True Details wheels
Verlinden update set
Squadron vacform canopy set
Quickboost gun barrels
Superscale decals

Oh, and it's had a full rescribing job as well.  To be honest I struggled a bit with this one, probably because it's not for me.  This model has been on the go since last autumn and I've been chipping away at it whilst doing other projects, however I really needed to crack on as I felt I was starting to get bogged down so with a surge of inspiration I knuckled down and pushed through the finishing line.

I suppose that's the danger of doing models for magazines and for other people, sometimes if the subject doesn't really float your boat it really is easy to suffer from a lack of motivation.  That's why I really try and  pick and choose potential projects carefully.  I have enough magazine projects in the stash now which means I can really be quite choosy, that's a good thing although the downside is I have to be careful now when a really exciting new release pops up, it has been quite difficult lately to turn down projects!

 Crikey, the football is going to penalties, it's always a bit of a lottery so fingers crossed.  Anyway, here's the second finished project, Tamiya's JS-2 in 1:35.  This has also had a load of aftermarket thrown at it, namely;

Aber photo etch set
Aber gun barrel
Mig Productions fuel tanks
Mig Productions bedstead armour
Fruil tracks

I used the AK Interactive colour modulation paint set on this model.  Whilst I dislike this technique when taken in it's entirety, I do like to lighten highlights and darken the shadow areas to create depth but that's as far as I go.  Too often I see models where the raised detail is painted in an off white, this to me looks stupid. It's a fashion, just like dry brushing was and eventually, as with most fashions, it will probably fade away to be replaced by the next thing.  I wonder what that will be?

Anyway, this model also represents some firsts for me.  It's the first time I've done a base (in this case a Miniart vacform job) and the first time I've painted some blokes.  I was really nervous about these and I don't think I've quite cracked it yet but as with all new things hopefully with more projects I'll get better.

Anyway, enough waffle, here's the pictures.

Well I never, Chelsea have just won the Champion's league.  What a finale to a remarkable season, I'm so pleased for all Chelsea fans, players, Di Mateo and the Russian bloke who owns it.

Anyway, thanks for looking, the next blog will have hopefully a finished project which is very special to me so until then, happy modelling.

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