Friday, 2 September 2011

Brrrrrr, winter's arrived.

Hi all, vehicles and aircraft often sported temporary winter camouflage schemes in order that they blend in to the environment, especially on the eastern front during the Second World War.  This is great for modellers and even better for those who relish the challenge of depicting these subject as they offer the weathering specialist almost unlimited scope to produce a really battered looking vehicle/model.

I've been on a bit of a winter theme for a little while now, finishing off 4 models.  The first is the stunning new 1:32 Heinkel He 111 from Revell.  I was forced into doing a conversion to the H sub type as the P depicted in the kit served only in the first few years of the war.  Not wishing to go the whole hog I only converted the cowlings and there are quite a few other detail changes but an H will be released at some stage as there is evidence on the sprues.  I used various techniques used by armour modellers to weather this one such as hairspray chipping and filters and washes.  All will be explained in a forth coming issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine however I have been invited to do a live demo at Scale Model World in Telford this November with the magazine.

The next aircraft model is the Hasegawa P-40K in 1:48.  This model was weathered using the same techniques as the Heinkel, I used AK Interactive enamel weathering products on this model for the first time and I am mightily impressed by them.  The tones are for armour models so the require a bit of modification although this isn't difficult.  This is a lovely kit although it does have it's critics, some say it's over engineered although this is easily overcome with super glue, sanding and a little re-scribing.  You'll notice that this model has been riveted like the Heinkel, it's a tedious and boring job however the results are well worth it.  I used the photo etched tool from RB Productions and can highly recommend it.

Moving onto the military vehicles, this model is the StuG III Ausf F from Dragon.  It's the old boxing and I picked it up from my fellow club member Bill, cheers Bill.  Being all inspired by the Mig Jimenex DVD's I really went to town, it's probably over done a bit but I quite like the end result.  Unfortunately the earth pigments look a bit orange in the photos but it looks better in real life.

The last model was also inspired by the DVD's and those who own it will instantly recognise the model, the only difference being mine is in 1:48 wheres Mig's is in 1:35.  I had great fun experimenting with the techniques and AK Interactive products and had the great pleasure of winning the seal of approval from the great man Mig himself which was a big thrill.  This model is also destined for publication, Brett Green's Military Modelling International.


  1. Great work on all of those Jamie. I've always been to scared to try the winter finish but I will have a go on day.

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