Thursday, 14 July 2011

More armour plus other stuff

Well, it's been a while but I've been beavering away at the modelling desk.  I've recently finished the Hobby Boss Sdkfz 222 in 1:35 scale and I have to say it's blown me away.  It's superbly detailed and goes together extremely well but best of all it only costs around £20 which I think is a great deal.  All in all this kit is superb.

(More photos at the end of the blog)

I got the inspiration for this model from Mig Jimenez and his DVDs.  His latest is "Weathering a Sdkfz in one hour".  It's a great video incorporating many of the techniques across the DVD range (which I also have) and is very informative.  Being such a novice when it comes to AFV modelling I've found all these DVDs extremely useful and I now reckon I've got enough techniques in the bank to go ahead and improve my armour models.  Modelling is all about developing your own techniques and improving with each model however don't be afraid to take inspiration from someone else to give you that head start.

This particular model is for my mate Geoff Coughlin's internet magazine.  Part one is up there now and I'm just finishing the writing for the next parts so stay tuned over the next week if you want to catch the rest.

Talking of magazines I have been busy.  These next 2 models are both for Jay at SAM, first up is Revell's Hawk in 1:32, it's of an aircraft I flew whilst in flying training with 19(F) Sqn based at RAF Valley in Anglesey        in Wales.  Incidentally I have a claim to fame, I'm the last member of Her Majesty's armed forces to be awarded their wings in the 20th century, quite neat I think!

The next model is the Cyber Hobby Bf 109E-4 again in 1:32, this one was weathered adapting AFV weathering techniques.  Cross-pollenisation (buggered if I can spell that one!) of techniques can be very useful and my attempts at modelling armour subjects have improved my aircraft models no end.  Once again I have that Mig bloke to thank for that, cheers Miguel.

The last model I have done is not quite ready, the model is finished but I'm waiting for some dark background paper to arrive for the photos.  I'm particularly pleased with it but you'll have to wait I'm afraid.

Until the next time, model on dudes.


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  1. Great work on the Sdkfz 222, I used the Mig Jimenez Acrylic weathering DVD as a guide for my recent build of a Pz.kpfw.II Ausf.F on the Flory Models forum. I was astounded at the results following his techniques.