Sunday, 31 January 2016

Dystopia Bronco Part 3 - Rear cabin

Welcome back to the blog and the Bronco project.  We've done the front end, now time for the rear.

The rear bulkhead was was detailed up, I didn't go mad as it's going to be dark back there! 

The floor plate was detailed with etched tread plate, plastic strip and HGW rivet decals. The basket is from the WMIK kit but the floor became the lid, a new floor was made with plastic card, the back blanked with photo etch mesh and various details added such as clasps, hinges etc. 

The bits were primed with Alclad black micro primer.

The various bits were painted and chipped as per the cockpit. 

The base coat was Tamiya XF-4 again over the same worn metal tone and a coat of Ammo of Mig Scratch Effects.

Keeping the area wet, it was scrubbed with a brush until it started chipping.

The tread plate didn't chip too well so it was enhanced by dry brushing. 

Rust was simulated by applying Ammo of Mig's Rust Streaking effects. When dry it was blended with a moist brush. 

Ammo of Mig's Airfield Dust and Earth pigments were applied and fixed with white spirit. 

A thinned mix of Ammo of Mig Fresh Engine Oil, Engine Grime and Black pigment was applied to simulate old oil stains. 

The finished floor.

Part 4 will detail the fuselage construction.  Stay tuned and until then, happy modelling.


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  3. Great to see more in-progress threads on the blog! I wonder if you could talk a bit about your photo setup for these posts. Do you have a light box setup nearby that you use that's near your work bench?

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