Saturday, 16 January 2016

A new look, a new completed model, a new project. Pirate Apocalyptica Part 1.

A new look

Hi all.  Over the years I've been doing this blog I've had quite a bit of feedback, most of it thankfully positive and constructive.  One of the themes has been the layout and some folk found it a bit of a challenge to read.  Actually I thought it was fine and I liked the look however I thought I'd freshen things up for the New Year.  I've chosen a basic, clean, crisp look which I hope you'll like.  I'd really love some feedback so leave your comments or ping me a message.

Latest completion 

To the modelling and  my first completion for 2016.  This is the Hobby Boss F-14 Tomcat.  The kit is actually the Eduard Danger Zone boxing so you get Brassin jet pipes, wheels, seats, a photo etch set and canopy masks plus a wonderful decal sheet!  Well, as you can see I kind of went off piste with this one!

I was asked by Carlos Cuesta from Ammo of Mig if I and good mate Andy Brown would be willing to do a joint What-if project.  After bouncing ideas around we settled for an F-14 and Su-27 with a change of clothes!  This is my half of the article, the Tomcatski!  Paints were Alclad and Mr. paint for the underwear and Akan for the top coat.  Decals were Begemot, its the first time I've used these decals, they were ok but needed a load of setting solution to get them to confirm and they do need a pretty good gloss coat.  This model and Andy's Flanker in VF-84 colours will be appearing in the What-if edition of The Weathering magazine soon.

Extra's used;
  • Great Wall Hobby missiles (pinched from a MiG-29 kit)
  • Quickboost resin seats
  • Alclad Duralumin
  • Mr. Paint Lemon Yellow primer colour
  • Mr. Paint Soviet/Russian green (for the wheel hubs and aerials)
  • Akan (for the camouflage)
  • Mr. Paint Super Clear gloss varnish (the best gloss I have ever used, bar none!)
  • Ammo of Mig scratch effects chipping fluid
  • Ammo of Mig PLW
  • Ammo of Mig Chipping colour
  • Post shading using dirty mix of Tamiya Rubber Black, Hull Red and Buff

It was a fun project, I can see me doing more What-ifs!

Pirate Apocalyptica Part 1

The year is 2039 and the collapse in the Middle East oil reserves following the 3rd Gulf War has plunged the world into a world war.  Nuclear fall out preceded drought and famine.  Now the few remaining humans eke out a dangerous hunter gatherer living, trading scarce resources for food.  Materials are abundant, abandoned in the old times, food and expertise are not.  Neither is fuel, that precious commodity now replaces money and gold as man's treasure.

By far the safest mode of transporting goods is by air.  The few remaining aircraft are cannibalised and adapted to keep flying, and their crews brave the airborne pirates who own the marauding skies.  To survive a crew must relay on guile, cunning and superior flying skills to live.  Many are pilots who survived the old wars, but then so are the pirates!

I've wanted to do a project along these lines for a long time.  Ever since I did my post apocalyptic Japanese Police Car (featured in Tamiya magazine a few years ago) I've wanted to do a similar thing to an aeroplane. As fun as doing the good guys was, it's time to do the baddies!

The base kit is the superb Kittyhawk OV-10A Bronco in 1:32.  Normally I thorow the usual pile of resin and photo etch at a project, not this time!

Here are just a few of the goodies that I will be using in this model.  Yep, there are Zero engines in there,  Live Resin Wrangler Humvee wheels, Live Resin minigun, resin skulls......?  And what is not shown is the Hobby Boss WMIK kit and Aires PW2800!

Work started inevitably in the cockpit.  This is going to be heavily modified as you may imagine so straight away I opened the WMIK kit, nicked the steering wheel and chopped it up.  Some wire cored plastic rod, punched plastic sheet and lead wire plus the base of the kit control column resulted in this!

Next up was the pilot's seat.  Scrap plastic card was used here to dress things up but its not finished, I need to add a load of wiring and the cushions will be added at the end after painting.  A He 111 harness will finish things off!

Now for the cockpit tub itself.  Again plastic rod was used to start building up the structure.

As I am mounting some radial engines I thought it would need more controls so the rear throttle quadrant was moved. 

I carefully sawed off the quadrant using an RB Productions razor saw; a superb piece of kit and extremely fine.  I can't recommend this tool highly enough.

Now I could let my imagine run wild.  Plastic card and strip built up the rear cockpit, the gry blob on the floor is half a 20mm Vulcan cannon from the Tomcatski and the brown thing is part of the engine block from the WMIK!

Here is the progress so far and its building up quite nicely.  I've got a really long way to go yet though, I need to add some tubing, more structure and make a start on the wring, lots of it!

So until the next instalment, take it easy and enjoy your modelling.


  1. Loving the new look and the last couple of posts. Looking forward to seeing how some of these turn out in the magazines. Jon

  2. I really like the new look! Great work on the Tomcatski too!