Friday, 4 January 2013

RNZAF Hasegawa P-40M: Part Eight - FINISHED!!!!

Thank you to the people who have signed up and sponsored me for the "Dryathalon".  It's a very worthy cause and the more we can do to help eradicate it the better.  There is still time to donate so if you want to help out, click on the link.  Thanks.

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Good news, the model is finished.  I have to say I've learnt loads on this project and thoroughly enjoyed every step.  OK, here's the dit on the base.


I had a custom MDF base to which I glued on the ground work.  This was split into 2 parts, the main part was a grass mat from Model Scene (Russian stony steppe).  The long grass is some fake animal fur from Treemendus.  I thought I might have a bit of trouble with this however it was quite straight forward.

Once it was trimmed to size it had a "haircut" with some sharp curved scissors.  A very dilute mix of Vallejo Model Air Russian 4BO green was liberally worked in which stained it to a grass colour.  The grass was dried with a hairdryer although it was combed with an animal grooming brush to prevent the hairs sticking together in clumps.  Once dry this was also glued onto the base.

The fence was made from a scrap wooden window blind and some soft 0.5mm wire left over from a Fruil metal track set.  The stakes were drilled ready to accept the wire and then stained with oil paints, the wire was brush painted with Vallejo Camo Black Brown.

The trees were from Joefix and you'll probably notice some clumps of long grass on the Steppe, these were trimmings from the long bit.

The final thing was to place the model on the base and then add all the loose bits, these were placed in areas where I had trimmed the grass to stop the floating look.

And that they say is that!

So, what a great project.  By far my favourite aspect of modelling is painting and weathering and I think you'll agree a project such as this provides pretty much the ultimate canvass for this sort of thing.

Well, as one chapter closes another one opens.  My next model will be something quite a bit different, an Open Blitz truck from the Afrika Korps!  This one won't be a SBS, I'll be doing it for Scale Modelling Now internet magazine.  The format is quite similar to the blog although there will be the added bonus of technique videos and the like.  It's also very cheap, a 12 month subscription will only cost you £12, for that you not only get the next year's issues but also access to the last 3 years' articles, walk rounds, reviews, techniques bank, video demonstrations etc!  Bargain!

Next week I'll be doing my "Review of 2012", not only will I be showcasing my models from last year but also I'll be deciding my Kit of the Year and various other things along the same lines.

So until then take care.


  1. I really like what you've created here and it's very well done. My only feeling is that it lacks a bit of life - for a vignette - and needs a figure somewhere to just to lift it a little. However, that's my only small critique, otherwise I give it a 9/10.......LOL

  2. Stunning job, Jamie. It looks almost real. The b/w pics are really awesome.

  3. @Rene: I've done a sheep and a seagull so I hope that counts. I'm awful at painting blokes and I didn't want to bring the piece down with a crap figure! A few pics will be up soon. Thanks for the feedback.

    @Luigi: Thanks mate, I appreciate the comments.