Monday, 27 August 2012

Times they are a changing

Welcome to the new look blog.  I must point out though that all the credit must go to master modeller Mig Jimenez.  Mig and I have been corresponding for a couple of years now, ever since I took up armour modelling and he has been hugely influential and inspirational often helping me with my projects.  He has commented a couple of times on the layout of the blog and offered up a few suggestions on how I could improve things but recently he went one step further and very kindly offered to design a few title banners for me.  Well I think he has done a lovely job, I've thanked him in private but here's the public thank you.

To open the new look blog and before I embark on my forthcoming new ship project which will appear soon, I'll just show you my latest finished model.

This is the Tamiya P-47 in 1:72 scale.  Tamiya models need no introduction and this particular kit has been around for a few years now but it is unmistakably a Tamiya product being very nicely detailed with exceptional fit.  however, as with all models, there are always enhancements that can be made.  This model is no exception, I've thrown the Eduard Big Ed photo etch detail set at it as well as every Quickboost resin set.  You'll also notice the rivets, I think rivets make a real difference to the model and without them a subject can look really plain.  I know that in this scale, the rivets should be almost certainly invisible however modelling is an art form and as such we are trying to recreate an interpretation of an object in miniature.  In my models, I use various paint effects that are layered on each other in order to recreate scale effect, without them the model looks bland and toy like yet each effect in isolation is not prototypical and is not apparent on the full size subject.  Rivets are one way of doing this (albeit in reverse).

This model and the full article will appear in model Airplane International magazine as part of the Big Ed series.

Talking of magazines, I've starting contributing to AK Interactive's new weathering magazine.  Whilst it has a distinctively AFV flavour, there are aircraft and ship articles in there as well, in fact even if you don't "do" armour models I can highly recommend it as the techniques I've picked up from the armour lot have really improved my aircraft models.  Each issue (it's published quarterly) has a theme, issue one was "Rust", issue 2 will be "Dust" etc.  I'm going to have a couple of articles in issue 3 which is "Chipping".

Don't let the postage rates put you off.  If you don't want to subscribe (postage free) there are retailers in the UK that stock it ((Creative Models) (and I expect international suppliers for those not in the UK)).

AK Interactive's "The Weathering Magazine"

AK Intercative

OK, time to wrap up this short bonus blog update, I hope you like the new look as much as I do.  Thanks again Mig.

The next update will be part one of the maritime project, so until then..............


  1. Wow thats an amazing model, well done.

  2. A very nice Thunderbolt you've built there. Are you sure it's 1/72nd scale?


  3. Love the new look blog Jamie. The Thunderbolt is , as expected, an outstanding model